Single Layer Aerial ADSS Cable Features of ADSS fiber optic cable:1. It can be erected without powering off;2. AT sheath, excellent.. Product #: Single Layer based on 0 Reviews 2 - 3 Days

Single Layer Aerial ADSS Cable

Product Code: Single Layer
Availability: 2 - 3 Days

Features of ADSS fiber optic cable:
1. It can be erected without powering off;
2. AT sheath, excellent electric tracking resistance;
3. Light weight, small cable diameter, reducing the influence of wind and ice, on the tower and support load, large span,
the largest span 200 meters;
4. With excellent tensile properties and temperature characteristics, life expectancy is greater than 30 years.

Advantages of GL ADSS Optical Fiber Cable:
1. Good aramid yarn have excellent tensile performance;
2. Fast delivery,200km ADSS cable regular production time about 10 days;
3. Can using glass yarn instead of aramid,to prevent mouse bite.

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