Net Africa does more than lay the foundation of your network. Our highly trained, thoroughly experienced engineers and technicians intentionally design and build your network to maintain industry codes and standards of the highest degree.

At Net Africa we recognise how crucial initial design decisions are to a successful on time and on budget network build. Our engineering staff have extensive experience in all facets of telecommunications outside plant design and permitting. We offer Site surveys, detailed specifications, Wayleave Management, Material lists, OSP Inspection services and all required Drawings.

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We offer our fiber optic networks in 2 different categories:

Aerial Construction: Our linemen are among the best in the industry, guaranteeing the safe, timely installation and maintenance of all your aerial network needs. We’ve built our reputation on the high standard of quality you can expect from a full service company.


Direct Buried Fibre: As proof that Net Africa is more than meets the eye, some of our best work is done below the ground. We offer a complete range of new, maintenance related underground and buried services ensuring the security and stability of your underground network. We are outfitted to complete any size project with accuracy, quality, safety, and timeliness.

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Your Data centre is the most critical resource within your organization. Net Africa provide a wide range of installation services from a single relay rack, bay or cabinet to building out your entire office from the ground up. We supply any or all of the components for an end-to-end Tier 1 to Tier 4 operation. Whether it occupies one room, one or more floors, or an entire building. Our engineers, installers, and technicians are experienced in the latest network technologies and topologies, including optical networking (SONET and DWDM), various switching platforms (5E, DMS, Metaswitch), data networks (IP, ATM, Ethernet, Frame Relay), DSL, DLC, wireless, and all manner of network transmission products.

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No network is complete without quality fiber optic splicing coupled with accurate testing. Our state of the art testing equipment ensures that no matter the electronics you may want to run across; your network will be equipped.

These services include:
  1. Fiber optic fusion splicing & termination services
  2. Network documentation maintenance and fiber assignment engineering
  3. Maintenance services, ‘hot cuts’ and emergency restoration
  4. Complete fiber optic testing & DWDM characterization including: OTDR testing at several wavelengths, Power meter testing, Optical return loss (ORL), Chromatic mode dispersion (CMD), Polarization mode dispersion (PMD)
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